My life has been in radio and writing.  I’ve worked at legendary radio stations with some of the best talent in the industry. From Detroit to Montgomery, from Cincinnati to Va Beach, from Dallas to Austin. 


All the while pumping out eight Amazon Best Selling Novels, having sold more than 100,000 copies.


It was 1994 and I’m on-air and Music Director at the prestigious KVIL in Dallas Texas, #1 Station in Dallas/Ft. Worth, home of the legendary Ron Chapman and Flagship station of the Dallas Cowboys.  There was a thing people were starting to talk about called “The Internet”.  We needed a Webpage and of the 150 employees, I was the computer geek.  There was a guy working at our internet service provider named Mark Cuban and he gave me my first lessons in HTML.


Here is a shot of that first KVIL Website made back in 1995! I was especially proud of the moving volume meters.

Since then I’ve made hundreds of websites…What Can I Design For You?


I can build Web Design for $99. This is a one-page design perfect for resumes, bios, announcements, flyers and others simple things. It does come with one-year of free hosting Most small businesses can get by with my 5 page All in One Design and SEO for $499 or 10 Page All in One Web Design SEO $599.

My goal is not to just sell you a website.  It’s to help increase business by solidifying your online brand. If you need to get ranked in the search engines, I offer FULL SITE SEO Services as well as SEO Promotion, Social Media Setup, and Consulting. I can help with your graphic needs that you can reuse for print or video.

Call me at 512-964-7172 for a FREE 15-minute consultation.  Or you can reach me by email at  Either way, I would love to hear from you.  As long as you have your graphics and know what you want to say, I can deliver a $99 one-page websites usually within one day, $499 five-page websites in three days and $599 ten-page websites in seven days.